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One Robust & Effective System For Your Organization
ConnectPro Global is a powerful and effective networking tool for any business or organization. Easily cut through the clutter of multiple programs and spreadsheets and, with one source, connect directly with members. Additionally, the format effortlessly allows members to network and communicate with each other.

Event planning is an organized, centralized process. From inception through post-event analysis, the entire event management process is at your finger tips.
Networking Platform
Powerful Networking
  • Members can network effectively with other members, creating a higher value to their time and investment.
  • Pre and post-event networking is an easier process, creating a total event experience.
  • Aggressively promote upcoming events, through organizational and member social networks.
  • Create groups and one-to-one connections based on member interests.
  • Showcase key members and influencers.
  • Customize membership types, applications, reminders, and renewal notices that match their unique needs.
  • Develop stronger member loyalty and enhance organization visibility to build your business.


Event Management
This system provides an efficient, dynamic format for managing your entire event planning process from creation through post-event analytics. Event updates, news, and information are automatically sent out and shared.
Member Communities
Member to member networking is enhanced through endorsements, spotlights, and messaging options. Registered members build their network and professional connections through a trusted resource. Pre and post event contact through Private Messages ensures efficient networking.
Member Match & Connection
Become the catalyst for member engagement and improve member retention with an easy and efficient system of professional match making and online messaging. Increase member online branding with improved business profiles.
Analytics Dashboard
Managers have an easy to use secure and scalable dashboard to administer memberships and events. The detailed reports provide insight into effective use of memberships and the overall performance of the organization.
When a member and or event deserve special attention, the Spotlight feature provides focused visibility for members and site visitors.
Easy Registration & Check In
Provides one click check-in at the venue and printing of name badges for events. Flexible formatting and design removes the need to create extra lists and spreadsheets.
Images, pdf's, and other key resources and documents can be attached for easy reference before and after the event.
Members can share relevant news about events to keep others Information on the current happenings and event updates.
Social Media
Social Media
Sharing on social media networks is quick and easy. The inclusive process keeps the message consistent and targeted.
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Yes! Once an event is created, the system will create a link that can easily be pasted into any social media or emails.
You can allow anyone to attend your events, functions, or meetings! Those that aren’t members would register as guests.
You can certainly do that! All member requests to attend an event go through the event manager for approval. The process is managed through the dashboard.
ConnectPro Global has several options available for integration into your organization. It can be created as a stand alone site – or it can easily be integrated into your current website. A login button on your website will give your members access to all of the features and events.
Yes! ConnectPro Global is compatible with all mobile and computer formats, so you and all of your members can have access wherever you are.
Yes, if that is what you need. The system is smart enough to differentiate between the two and prints badges accordingly, using your designs and specifications.
There is no limit! You can add as many members as needed.
Yes, you can. You can create groups based on member interests and needs or organizational requirements. Then it is easy to chat within groups or with individual members.


  • boomerpreneurs
  • global womens league
  • India Square
  • Financial Policy Council
  • Pearle Vision
  • Satyana Institute
  • Girl Scouts
  • Gateway regional Chamber Of Commerce
  • AICC
  • Tesla Science Foundation
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